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Lab Reporting Guidelines


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This page is designed to provide an overview of what is expected in each section of a lab. Sometimes a lab report is typed while most of the time it is directly written into the LNB. regardless of the final form, the same expectations are used. This page contains the complete list of evaluative parts to the rubric used when grading lab work. Please familiarize yourself with this as I will use it every time. Sample Lab Report [GDrive Link]


  • Name, Date, Class, Proper Title
  • Formal (typed) lab reports only

I. Purpose (1 pt)

  • Complete and Appropriate
  • Full sentence(s)
  • Measurable Clear, concise, measurable
  • most likely no more than a single sentence

II. Background Theory (2 pts)

  • Complete and Appropriate
  • Full sentences
  • all reactions for the lab
  • minimum of five bullet points
  • no fluff
  • relevant connecting theories

III. Procedure (2 pts)

  • Complete and Appropriate
  • minimum five bullet points
  • major plot points in procedure only
  • ALWAYS full sentences (3rd person passive tense)
  • do not include obvious steps (i.e. cleaning)
  • specific list of the chemicals / solutions used
  • labeled drawing of assembled lab apparatus
  • (do not draw separate equipment)

IV. Data (5 pts)

  • Organized – appropriate – grouped in tables (1 pt)
  • Complete data recording, including units and knowns ( 3 pts)
  • Only data (no calculations) – explained beforehand (1 pt)
  • introductory sentence(s) for each data table
  • complete data table ready for lab recording
  • labeled columns and rows
  • all given (known) information included

V. Calculations (7 pts)

  • Complete, correct calculations / graphs (4 pts)
  • Calculations (graphs) explained before examples (1 pt)
  • Shown in a proper format with units (1 pt)
  • Summary Table displays all results (1 p)
  • Clear, logical support for calculations
  • One example of each calculation minimum
  • use prescribed format

VI. Analysis (7 pts)

  • Complete logic of conclusion – no data or calcs (3 pts)
  • Complete analysis of uncertainty factors (4 pts)
  • logic to obtain results = 3 bullet points (minimum)
  • uncertainty in obtaining results = 3 bullet points (minimum)
  • full sentences for each bullet point
  • connect the bullet point ideas

VII. Conclusion (2 pts)

  • Complete – nothing new – no data/calc (1 pt)
  • Follows purpose, data, analysis calculations (1 pt)
  • complete sentence(s)
  • no data or calculations
  • just the measurable result
  • no opinions or restatement of error or uncertainty

Overall (3 pts)

  • 3rd Person Passive tense style of writing (1 pt)
  • Spelling and grammar correctly applied (2 pts)

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