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Classroom Technology

Classroom Technology

Classroom Technology

Here is an overview of the technology tools we will be using in the classroom this year. I will coach you on all of these methods with the expectation that you will achieve independence in using them. As always, I am available for extra help or questions with each.

iPad Readiness

  • Bring: bring your iPad to class every day
  • Charge: make sure this has enough battery charge to work without needing a charger
  • Cover: SHP requires that your device be covered
  • Stylus: you will need a stylus
  • Updated: your iOS and your apps should be completely updated

Required iPad Apps

  • Sparkvue – LINK
  • Notability – SHP Provided
  • OneNote – LINK
  • Dropbox – LINK
  • QRC Elements – LINK
  • Drive – LINK
  • Sheets – LINK
  • Docs – LINK
  • PCalc – LINK
  • Kindle – LINK
  • Netflix (Just kidding)


  • We will conduct a number of lab activities that utilize the digital lab equipment. Once trained, I will expect you to be able to use and troubleshoot the use of these devices.
  • Of particular interest is the exporting of data from the device to other modes, such as your laptop (Excel) or your iPad

Remind – Texting Updates

  • To enroll, send a text (see below) from your phone to (281) 725-6509
  • Chemistry Honors = @qchemh
  • AP Chemistry = @qchem
  • Independent Research = @qresearch

Google Drive

  • Many documents will flow through your Google Drive folder.
  • Please make sure you know how to access these documents
  • I will ask you to create / share / edit documents in this space

Submitting Digital Work

  • All chapter/reading notes are submitted as a PDF to the school-provided service, Schoology
  • Other work will be submitted in that way. This includes submitting work to as well as Schoology for me to review and comment.


  • For each class meeting, I will create a daily post on my own web site:
  • The flexibility of posting and the open nature of this platform make it desirable as compared to other methods.
  • That stated, the school asks me to use Schoology for this purpose. I will post a link to each daily post through Schoology so that you will see these in the same place as all of your other classes.
  • There are a great many resources that are linked through my web site that I will highlight throughout the year.

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