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CH24 – Reaction Practice

Dates P4 – Thursday, October 19th P5 – Thursday, October 19th P7 – Monday, October 23rd In-Class Work Reactions worksheet Take time to show work Additional Challenge Ch. 4 (44, … Continue reading

October 19, 2017

CH23 – Reaction Work

Dates P4 – Wednesday, October 18th P5 – Wednesday, October 18th P7 – Wednesday, October 18th Quiz Double Displacement Reactions two scenarios provided: PT, solubility rules Class Business Comments / … Continue reading

October 17, 2017

CH22 – More PPT Rxns

Dates P4 – Monday, October 16th P5 – Tuesday, October 17th P7 – Tuesday, October 17th Class Business Safety Contract (Schoology) Safety Quiz (Schoology) Next Class Quiz DD & AB … Continue reading

October 13, 2017

CH21 – PPT Lab

Dates P4 – Friday, October 13th P5 – Friday, October 13th P7 – Monday, October 16th Lab Day Notes distilled water bottle (refill) disposal of waste location of materials data … Continue reading

October 12, 2017

CH20 – Prelab

Dates P4 – Thursday, October 12th P5 – Thursday, October 12th P7 – Thursday, October 12th Recap Double Displacement reactions Full Molecular Reactions Full Ionic reactions Net Ionic Reactions New … Continue reading

October 11, 2017

CH19 – RXN Types

Dates P4 – Friday, October 6th P5 – Tuesday, October 10th P7 – Tuesday, October 10th Recap Questions what is a crystal lattice? how does an ionic substance dissolve? why … Continue reading

October 6, 2017


Dates P4 – Thursday, October 5th P5 – Thursday, October 5th P7 – Friday, October 6th Quiz – Nomenclature 10 x Formulas – Names 10 x Names – Formulas Review … Continue reading

October 5, 2017

CH17 – Reactions

Dates P4 – Wednesday, October 4th P5 – Wednesday, October 4th P7 – Wednesday, October 4th Class Business Quiz Class 18 provided with PT 5 N-F, 5 F-N Demo sodium … Continue reading

October 3, 2017

CH16 – Reversed Naming

Dates P4 – Monday, October 2nd P5 – Monday, October 2nd P7 – Tuesday, October 3rd Class Business Hand Back Test Retake is Tuesday, Oct 10th Work is due Friday … Continue reading

October 1, 2017

CH15 – Practice, Practice

Dates P4 – Friday, September 29th P5 – Friday, September 29th P7 – Friday, September 29th Recap Questions what is the difference between valence, oxidation state, charge? what is the … Continue reading

September 28, 2017

CH14 – What’s in a name?

Dates P4 – Wednesday, September 27th P5 – Wednesday, September 27th P7 – Thursday, September 28th Class Business Update on test (last class) Posting grades and answer key New Idea … Continue reading

September 26, 2017

CH13 – Celebrate!

Dates P4 – Monday, September 25th P5 – Monday, September 25th P7 – Monday, September 25th Test Day! w00t2 relax, stay focused, you will be just fine! you have worked hard… trust … Continue reading

September 25, 2017

CH12 – Trending

Dates P4 – Thursday, September 21st P5 – Thursday, September 21st P7 – Friday, September 22nd Connecting & Finishing isoelectronic species excited state configurations Periodic Table Trends IE trends (hey! … Continue reading

September 20, 2017

CH11 – PT Trends

Dates P4 – Wednesday, September 20th P5 – Wednesday, September 20th P7 – Wednesday, September 20th Quiz Spectrum Quiz 15 minutes only 20 pts All equations / constants provided Recap … Continue reading

September 19, 2017

CH10 – Configurations

Dates P4 – Monday, September 18th P5 – Tuesday, September 19th P7 – Tuesday, September 19th Class Business – Quiz Next class starts with quiz (20 min) Line spectra calculations … Continue reading

September 17, 2017

CH09 – Quantum Numbers

Dates P4 – Friday, September 15th P5 – Friday, September 15th P7 – Monday, September 18th Orbitals – What do we know? where likely to be found “time-lapse” of electron … Continue reading

September 15, 2017

BTSN – 2017

Welcome to Back-to-School Night 2017 I am always honored to meet the parents of the students I am lucky to have in my classes. This presentation is a brief overview … Continue reading

September 14, 2017

CH08 – H Spectrum

Dates P4 – Wednesday, September 13th P5 – Wednesday, September 13th P7 – Thursday, September 14th Activity – Hydrogen Spectrum formula to calculate the energy levels of hydrogen principal quantum … Continue reading

September 12, 2017


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