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CH21 – PPT Lab



  • P4 – Friday, October 13th
  • P5 – Friday, October 13th
  • P7 – Monday, October 16th

Lab Day Notes

  • distilled water bottle (refill)
  • disposal of waste
  • location of materials
  • data tables – coaching
  • solid particles show up as “cloudy”
  • “cloudy” vs “color change”
  • end of lab – wipe down table

Post Lab

  • Write the FM, FI, NI reactions for each combination
  • use the solubility rules to predict theory
  • compare theoretical to actual
  • what differences are noted?


  • Post Lab work
  • Note: do not follow lab report structure
  • Safety Quiz: based upon lab handout rules
  • Signed Safety contract (upload PDF to Schoology)


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