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CH14 – What’s in a name?



  • P4 – Wednesday, September 27th
  • P5 – Wednesday, September 27th
  • P7 – Thursday, September 28th

Class Business

  • Update on test (last class)
  • Posting grades and answer key

New Idea – Oxidation States / Charges / Valences

  • personalities
  • some predicted by PT position
  • others have to know
  • some groups have collective charge
  • sheet (posted in GDrive)
  • quiz on Monday will require knowing all information

New Idea – Writing Formulas

  • what do we do with these?
  • behaviors in compounds
  • sum of these is zero in neutral compound
  • examples

New idea – Writing Names from Formulas

  • How do I use the tree? (GDrive)
  • Examples

New Idea – Writing Formulas from Names

  • Reverse!
  • Examples


  • this is from Textbook Section 2.8 ( no need to take notes)
  • Practice Problems Ch. 2 (71, 72, 73, 79, 80)
  • Note: required to complete only 2 (two) from each problem
  • Note: you CAN do more if you wish, but not required



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