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CH10 – Configurations



  • P4 – Monday, September 18th
  • P5 – Tuesday, September 19th
  • P7 – Tuesday, September 19th

Class Business – Quiz

  • Next class starts with quiz (20 min)
  • Line spectra calculations
  • practice problem in GDrive
  • Note: Test on Units 1&2 Monday. See Syllabus

Recap – Quantum Numbers

  • what are the rules?
  • how does it lead to determining electrons on each level?
  • GDrive document with combinations

New Idea – Many Electrons

  • which orbital does electron choose?
  • lowest energy is the rule but how does it match QN combos?
  • how many of each? look at QN chart
  • identifying orbitals (s-p-d-f)
  • orbital diagrams
  • orbital filling
  • electron configurations = shorthand


  • Study for the Quiz
  • Today’s lesson = Section 7.8 through 7.11
  • Please review before Monday’s test


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