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CH05 – Gold Foil

gold foil


  • P4 – Wednesday, September 6th
  • P5- Wednesday, September 6th
  • P7- Wednesday, September 6th

Circle Activity

  • imagine the circle as the boundries of the atom
  • the diameter of the nucleus would be 5mm
  • we will use a ring stand (slightly bigger) to model
  • we will use baseballs (MUCH BIGGER) to model alpha particles
  • How often will we hit the nucleus?
  • Students assigned roles
  • Let’s keep track – how often?


  • Thoughts?
  • Matter is mostly?

Atomic Particles & PT

  • protons / neutrons / electrons
  • mass number = A (sum of protons and nuetrons)
  • atomic number = Z (number of protons)
  • charge = Q (difference between protons and electrons)
  • table of organizing (worksheet in Drive)


  • Finish Worksheet (Atomic Particles)
  • Ch. 2 (67)



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