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CH45 – Ideal Gas Law



  • P1 – Monday, May 15th
  • P3 – Monday, May 15th
  • P5 – Friday, May 12th

Class Business

  • return Exam
  • Scaled to 60 points
  • Review Key Questions
  • Tue May 23rd @ Lunch = Retake (if qualify)

Recap – Combined Gas Law

  • homework questions
  • thoughts?

New Idea – Moles!

  • how do we consider the quantity of gas?
  • particles matter! (not mass)
  • PV = nRT
  • Units and the Universal Gas Constant

Examples & Practice

  • How is this used?
  • How do I show the work?
  • Let’s try it out…

Lab – Class 48

  • Lab is posted in shared folder
  • Molar Volume of a Gas
  • Lab Prep due Class 48 in LNB


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