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CH38 – Enthalpy



  • P1 – Wednesday, April 26th
  • P3 – Thursday, April 27th
  • P5 – Wednesday, April 26th

Lab Recap

  • What measurements were made?
  • What is being determined?
  • What are the givens?
  • What calculations are needed?

New Idea – Enthalpy

  • akin to energy of system (sort of)
  • determined by measuring heat flow at constant pressure
  • symbol = “H”
  • changes in energy in a reaction = ΔH
  • can be related to the moles of a reaction
  • type of energy – units of energy

Enthalpy Practice

  • Appendix 4 in the Textbook lists stuff
  • ΔHrxn, ΔHf, ΔHcomb = many types of ΔH [LINK]
  • combustion example methane
  • connect mass of substance to energy released to water


  • Finish work in LNB (due Class 39)
  • Note: P1 students can turn in LNB on Monday if they wish


  • Test 04 = Final Long Block Cycle of Semester (May 19, 22, 23)
  • Practice worksheets in shared folder


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