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CH14 – Test Prep



  • P1 – Friday, Febraury 10th
  • P3 – Monday, February 13th
  • P5 – Monday, February 13th

Class Business

  • hydrate lab work (in LNB) due Class 16
  • CQ will check completion and formatting in LNB
  • Full typed lab due March 1st (PDF to Schoology)
  • Will hand in LNB at that time for further examination
  • New material Class 16 (last meeting before break)

Test Prep Information

  • test will take place second half of Long Block
  • all information on the course syllabus
  • provided: periodic table / polyatomic ions
  • student: brings own calculator
  • units / sig figs / process matter
  • no reaction prediction on the exam
  • yes formula writing from names
  • no formula names from formulas on the exam
Test Questions

  • Q1 = mole map (two substances)
  • Q2 = mole map (two substances)
  • Q3 = mole map (chemical reaction)
  • Q4 = percent composition of a substance
  • Q5 = empirical / molecular formulas of a substance

Practice During Class

  • Ch. 3 (74, 87, 105, 108)


  • study for the test


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