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Hydrate Lab Assistance


Data Items

  • A: mass of dry crucible
  • B: mass of crucible with hydrated crystal
  • C: mass of crucible with anhydrous crystal (first heating)
  • D: mass of crucible with anhydrous crystal (second heating)
  • NOTE: D – C < 0.03 g


  • E: mass water lost = D – B
  • F: mass of anhydrous crystal = D – A
  • G: moles water lost = E x (1 mole H2O / 18.02 g H2O)
  • H: moles anhydrous crystal = F x (1 mole CuSO4) / 159.61 g CuSO4)
  • I: mole ratio = G / H
  • J: percent error = [(I – 5)/(5)] x 100%

Possible Factors

  • crucible not fully dry before placing hydrate
  • some of hydrate jumped out of crucible during heating
  • not all water driven off during drying process
  • contamination to crucible during process


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