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CH13 – Lab Recap


LNB Heaven


  • P1 – Thursday, Febraury 9th
  • P3 – Thursday, February 9th
  • P5 – Friday, February 10th

Class Business 1

  • Test next week long block
  • Note: first half only!
  • updates on specifics coming soon
  • see syllabus for objectives
  • <think of this as a January/February test>

Class Business 2

  • Full lab in LNB (with Analysis / Conclusion)
  • Due Thursday / Friday before break
  • Full typed report due Wed, March 1st
  • Submitted as PDF to Schoology
  • <note – this is not a class meeting day>

Lab Recap

  • What did we find?
  • How do we show the work?
  • percent error – how do we compare to known?


  • logic of Analysis section
  • linking factors to results


  • Lab Work
  • Think about test next week


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