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CP41 – The Final Exam



  • Wednesday, December 14th

Format of Final Exam

  • 15 multiple choice questions
  • 2 matching questions
  • 10 short-answer questions

Provided Materials

  • my best friend… the Periodic Table
  • polyatomic ion names and formulae

Allowed Tools

  • student intellect
  • pencil (no pens)
  • calculator with no stored information

Part 1 – Multiple Choice Questions

  1. basic atomic theory
  2. basic terminology
  3. quantum theory
  4. IM Forces
  5. PT information

Part 2 – Matching Questions

  1. IM Forces
  2. Atomic Theory

Part 2 – Short Answer Questions

  1. Basic terminology
  2. atomic particles (Z, A, p, n, e, Q)
  3. formulas from names
  4. names from formulas (no acids**)
  5. balancing reactions (no acids**)
  6. predicting reactions
  7. atomic spectra
  8. electron configurations / orbital diagrams
  9. Lewis structures / VSEPR shapes
  10. IMF and physical properties

** acids will not be tested but will be required for the second semester content


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My first time at Jack London Square #oaktown I promise to never complain about my commute #bikelove @castilleja_school #chemistry @castilleja_school 
Thanks Ira Remsen! Gators vs Gators
So many awesome students in one place... tough to describe how proud I am to know them 
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