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CH34 – Polarity



  • P1 – Monday, November 28th
  • P3 – Monday, November 28th
  • P5 – Tuesday, November 29th

Class Business

  • Test recap

New Material

  • What happens during boiling?
  • What does higher temperature mean (on a  particle level)?
  • H2O, HF, NH3, CH4
  • Draw the Lewis structures
  • Determine the shape and draw the 3D (with polarity)
  • So… how does this explain the left part of the chart?



  • Take notes on Chapter 10 (sections 1 & 2)
  • hand written on PAPER (so that you can draw stuff and submit if asked)
  • Pay careful attention to drawings and tables
  • We will do a lab activity next class (long block)

Eh… Some Videos that might be relevant…


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