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CP33 – Getting Along


  • Friday, November 18th

Group Activity

  • Examine list of five (5) substances
  • draw Lewis dot strutures for each
  • build three (3) of each of the molecules
  • identify bond and overall polarity for each (take a picture📸)

Things to Do – Arrange Visually

  • rank the molecules: lowest to highest (overall polarity) and take picture 📸
  • determine pairs of substances that “get along” and take picture 📸

List of Substances

  • H2O 💧
  • CH3OH
  • HF
  • CH4
  • NH3
  • C2H4

Summarize (one GDoc per Group)

  • picture📸  of each substance (with polarity marked)
  • picture📸  of ranking of substances
  • pictures📸  of groups that “get along”
  • brief justification of thinking


  • Relax, enjoy your family, return to school refreshed.
  • BTW – I am thankful for you…


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