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CH33 – VSEPR Rave



  • P1 – Thursday, November 17th
  • P3 – Friday, November 18th
  • P5 – Friday, November 18th

Party Details
(Updated Monday 11/14)

  • Test will be conducted in pairs (or solo if desired)
  • Students allowed to bring LNB and use during the test
  • Students will build each substance using model kits
  • Test questions cover three (3) substances only
  • Test objectives listed on the syllabus
  • Know all Ch. 8 definitions  (exceptions = bond energy, bond length, lattice energy)
  • Students must know shapes / rules / angles etc…
  • Provided: Periodic Table (only)
  • TREE ALERT: Answers written on separate paper (one substance per piece)
  • Practice Problems: Ch. 8 (82 – 90, 99 – 105, 109 – 126)

Party Questions

  • Total valence electrons in the substance
  • Lewis Dot Structure
  • Formal chrage of each atom
  • Electron geometry around central atom
  • Overall shape of substance
  • Build 3D structure
  • Each bond angle in the substance
  • 3D Drawing
  • Bond polarity (drawn on 3D)
  • Overall Polarity (drawn on 3D)



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My first time at Jack London Square #oaktown I promise to never complain about my commute #bikelove @castilleja_school #chemistry @castilleja_school 
Thanks Ira Remsen! Gators vs Gators
So many awesome students in one place... tough to describe how proud I am to know them 
#shp @castilleja_school Proud to be a Californian
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