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CH27-32 = VSEPR Modeling



  • Class Meetings 27, 28, 29, 30, 31, 32
  • November 3rd – November 17th
  • Test = November 17th / 18th
  • LNB Collected on test day

NOTE: This post is a summary of the class posts for the past two weeks. I thought it might be better to summarize everything on one post. I have done some slight re-organization to the content in an attempt to make it clearer.

NH3 AsF5
H2O XeF4
CF4 BrF5
PBr3 SF6
SO2 BaF2
BeCl2 XeF2
CH3Cl SO4-2
C2H2 NO3-1
HOCl  NaCl

For Each Substance (Two substances per side of page)

  • total number of valence electrons
  • Lewis dot structure
  • formal charges (each element)
  • central atom lone pairs / bonding pairs
  • central atom bonding domains / lone pairs
  • electron geometry shape
  • substance structure shape
  • bond angles (specify each angle)
  • 3D Drawing
  • bond polarities (each bond – drawn on 3D shape)
  • overall polarity (drawn on 3D drawing)

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