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CP23 – Configurations



  • Thursday, October 27th

Review & Recap

  • electron confirgurations
  • orbital diagrams

More Practice! Activity

  • vocabulary terms 10.2 – 10.5
  • connect with ideas
  • break into groups
  • define each term in the list
  • draw a picture (without words) to explain the idea
  • then we will match the terms with ideas


  1. line spectrum (B)
  2. quanta (J)
  3. ground state (N)
  4. orbital (M)
  5. principal energy levels (H)
  6. sublevels (C)
  7. spin (L)
  8. Pauli exclusion principle (G)
  9. electron configuration (E)
  10. orbital diagram (K)
  11. valence electrons (I)
  12. period (F)
  13. groups or families (A)
  14. representative elements (O)
  15. transition elements (D)

Textbook? = LINK

Gallery of Drawings


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