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CH12 -Pulling Together



  • P1 – Friday, September 23rd
  • P3 – Thursday, September 22nd
  • P5 – Monday, September 26th

Recap – Worksheet

  • ionization energy trends
  • other connections on the worksheet

Review for the Exam

  • Textbook Practice

Unit 1 Objectives (Ch. 1, 2, 3)

  • Classify matter as compound, element, mixture or solution
  • Explain the Laws of Definite and Multiple proportions and how they are applied.
  • Explain the development of the modern atomic model through key experiments.
  • Describe the basic structure of the atom.
  • Calculate the number of protons, neutrons, and electrons of a given isotope or ion.
  • Calculate the atomic mass of an element given its isotopes.

Unit 2 Objectives (Ch. 7)

  • Calculate the wavelength and frequency of an electromagnetic wave.
  • Calculate the energy of a quantum of photons.
  • Calculate the energies of the levels of the hydrogen atom
  • Determine the spectrum of an atom given their energy levels
  • Explain the meaning of the four quantum numbers associated with an electron
  • Write the quantum numbers that describe an electron in an atomic orbital
  • Write the full electron configurations of an atom or ion.
  • Determine the electronic configurations of isoelectronic species
  • Explain the relationship between electron configurations and the periodic table
  • Predict the number of valence electrons of an element and its electron configuration based on its position in the periodic table.
  • Using the idea of shielding and effective nuclear charge, explain the trends in ionization energy and atomic size across the periods and groups of the periodic table.
  • Arrange ions in order of increasing or decreasing ion size.

Practice Problems

  • So, you want extra practice problems?
  • I suggest that you pick a problem from the list below that matches
  • Since the answers are provided on Schoology then you can check your work as you go

Unit 1 – Practice Problems

  • Ch. 1 (79, 83, 84)
  • Ch. 2 (20)
  • Ch. 3 (42, 44)

Unit 2 – Practice Problems

  • Ch. 7 (39, 41, 44, 51, 57, 59, 74)
  • Ch. 7 (81, 83, 85, 87, 90, 91, 92, 101)
  • Ch. 7 (105, 107, 109, 114, 115)


  • Study for exam on Tuesday / Wednesday
  • Please see me if there is a conflict


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