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Chemistry Honors: Class 54



  • Period A: Tuesday, May 10th
  • Period B: Tuesday, May 10th
  • Period F: Wednesday, May 11th

Lab Day Notes

  • no need for goggles or aprons
  • more data = better
  • be as consistent as you can in holding the volume constant
  • got sig figs?
  • plotting graphs = super important


  • how do you PROVE an inverse relatiponship?
  • Straight lines are ‘da bomb! (find one)
  • You – of course – realize that my lab instructions should not be written down word-for-word as they are not “perfect” for the sections of a lab report


  • Complete required graph and data tables
  • I am inclined to only grade the first graph / data table  you create
  • this is not a formal report at this point – please do not do anything but the required work


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