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Chemistry Honors: Class 24



  • Period A: Monday, February 29th
  • Period B: Monday, February 29th
  • Period F: Tuesday, March 1st

Solution Stoichiometry (practice)

  • Equal volumes (50.0 mL) of equal concentrations (1.25 M) of two solutions are mixed: Barium Nitrate and Sodium Sulfate.
  • Write the balanced NET IONIC reaction
  • Identify the limiting reactant
  • Determine the mass of precipitate produced
  • Determine the volume (and identity) of unused solution
  • Fill out the complete chart summarizing the moles


  • What happens when I add water to a solution?
  • How does concentration change?
  • Think: MOLES!

Sample Problems

  • Chapter 4 (36 – 39 part “a” only)


  • Finish these for Homework


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