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Chemistry Honors – Classes 47 / 48



  • Period A: Wednesday, December 2nd & Thursday, December 3rd
  • Period B: Wednesday, December 2nd & Friday, December 4th
  • Period F: Thursday, December 3rd & Friday, December 4th

Intermolecular Forces Review (Day 1)

  • Review all posted videos
  • Review the posted questions (Schoology)
  • Consult in-class experts on topics

Exam (Day 2)

  • one question exam
  • work solo or in pairs
  • projected time = 30 minutes


  • application of concepts
  • drawing structures and comparing properties
  • IMF identification
  • connecting with macro properties

More Hints (Wednesday evening love…)

  • draw Lewis structure
  • identify structure polarity
  • identify substance IMF
  • compare BP / VP to other substances
  • draw / label heating curve for substance
  • identify how VP relates to temperature / BP


  • study, study, study


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