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Chemistry Honors – Classes 40 / 41



  • Period A: Friday, November 13th & Tuesday, November 14th
  • Period B: Friday, November 13th & Tuesday, November 14th
  • Period F: Monday, November 16th & Wednesday, November 15th

New Material – Phases

  • Look at the graph above – can you explain the trends?
  • Use the tables and videos posted below
  • copy the graph into your Notability and write your explanation.
  • Submit your answer (HW14)
  • In case you are wondering – this is Chapter 10 in the textbook (the final topic before the end of the semester)


  • Submit PDF of answers to Schoology by the end of Class 41
  • Note – I will require Chapter 10 notes before the end of the unit


11_01_Table_L 11_02_Figure_L 11_02_Table_L 11_05_Figure_L 11_08_Figure_L


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