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Chemistry Honors – Class 14



  • Period A: Monday, September 21st
  • Period B: Monday, September 21st
  • Period F: Tuesday, September 22nd

Class Business

  • return exams
  • questions?
  • grading policy posted (please read it)

Activity – Campus Map


  • Download the “Campus Map” document from Schoology (Content folder)
  • Import into Notability (or similar)
  • Create a “dot map” of your location during the day
  • Try and think about every sport and activity in which you participate
  • Wait for class instructions

Post-Activity Questions

  • What is represented on this map?
  • Where are the dots in real life?
  • Where are the lines in real life?
  • How do I use this to predict behavior?
  • What does this mean for an electron?


  • complete activity – upload to LW05 in Schoology
  • Chapter 7 Notes due on Monday HW07


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