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AP Chemistry – Class 05

Necessary in so many ways!

Necessary in so many ways!


  • Wednesday, September 2nd

Class Business

  • turn in LNB
  • questions about the lab
  • Note – see the “Grades” post linked from the blog if you have questions

Stoichiometry Review

  • balancing reactions
  • types of reactions (see handout Schoology)
  • molar mass (formula weight) & mass percentage
  • moles (mole map handout Schoology)
  • empirical and molecular formulas


  • Textbook Problems Ch. 3 (19, 20, 23af, 36, 46, 66, 78)
  • Due Tuesday, September 8th
  • pencil on paper / show your work
  • answers posted in Schoology


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My first time at Jack London Square #oaktown I promise to never complain about my commute #bikelove @castilleja_school #chemistry @castilleja_school 
Thanks Ira Remsen! Gators vs Gators
So many awesome students in one place... tough to describe how proud I am to know them 
#shp @castilleja_school Proud to be a Californian
 #bear ☕️ = ❤️


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