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Chemistry Honors – Class 51



  • Period B: Friday, May 1st
  • Period D: Monday, May 4th
  • Period G: Monday, May 4th

Topic – Intermolecular Forces

  • what are the forces between particles in a substance?
  • how can they be compared?

Video – World of Chemistry: “A Matter of State” [LINK]

  • review of types of IM forces
  • dispersion
  • dipole
  • hydrogen bonding


  • Chapter Notes: 10.1, 10.8, 10.9
  • Submit as PDF to Schoology
  • Due on Wednesday, May 6th
  • Chapter Quiz: Monday-Tuesday (May 11th-12th)

Note About the IM Forces Lab

  • I will not be collecting this but it will be part of the learning expectations for the chapter quiz


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