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Ch3mistry H0n0rs – Cla55 03



  • Periods B, D: Friday, January 9th
  • Period G: Monday, January 12th

Homework Review

  • questions from textbook problems?
  • how did we show the work?
  • units? sig figs?

New Material – Lab Investigation

  • How do we investigate the relationship between the variables associated with a gas?
  • Does the volume of a gas impact the pressure of the same gas?
  • How can I control the other variables?
  • How many trials should be performed?


  • Design a controlled experiment to investigate the relationship between the pressure and volume of a gas
  • You must use the PASCO sensor equipment provided
  • Write your work in the LNB so that the lab can be completed the next class period (prep the lab)
  • Read sections 5.1 through 5.3 as part of your lab prep and include the relevant parts in the background theory


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