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Final Exam – Part 1: Work-Em-Out

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In preparation for the final exam in Chemistry Honors I am providing the following guidance on the first question on the exam. The exam will start by providing a chemical reaction for a process. This includes:

  • formulas and information about the states of the reactants in aqueous solution.
  • enthalpy information
  • The volumes and concentrations of each reactant

The exam will then ask the student to determine several results from the information including

  • names of substances
  • balanced chemical reaction
  • moles of reactants
  • limiting and excess reactants (and the amount of excess)
  • the theoretical yield of the products
  • the change in enthalpy of the reaction as conducted
  • the change in temperature of the solution

The teacher / evaluator is excited to see students solve without numbers (where appropriate) showing understanding of the concepts… (fingers crossed!)


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