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Chemistry Honors – Class 09

What is under the table?

What is under the table?


  • Periods B, D: Thursday, September 11th
  • Period G: Friday, September 12th


  • how do we “see” anything? what is the mechanism?
  • how do we hear anything? what is the mechanism?
  • hanging model of the atom in middle school – how do you know what it looked like?
  • how do scientists know these things?
  • Modeling – creating explanations for the unknown

Modeling the Unseen (Activity)

  • Mission: Create a model for what is under the table
  • Rules: no looking – use only a golf ball to collect data
  • Student roles: recorder (@ board), sender, receiver, marker
  • Observers: record as much information as possible
  • Tools: markers, meter stick, golf ball
  • Table dimensions: 137 cm x 122 cm
  • Objective: create a model for what is under the table
  • Note: do not think of this as a guessing game
  • Characteristics: size? shape? attachment? orientation?
  • Final Product – draw picture of what is under the table
  • Discussion: what do we know? what more could we do?


  • draw a model of what could be under the table
  • indicate the characteristics
  • complete this in the LNB


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