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Chemistry Honors – Class 06

Woobie Time

Woobie Time


  • Periods B, D: Friday, September 4th
  • Period G: Monday, September 8th

Activity Review

  • Data – anything direct from the lab
  • Calculations – anything interpreted from the lab
  • Data table? Show work?

Determine the Densities of These

  • Sample A: V1 = 23.4 mL, V2 = 23.7 mL, m = 1.91 g
  • Sample B: V1 = 23.4 mL, V2 = 23.8 mL m = 1.91 g
  • Sample C: V1 = 23.4 mL, V2 = 45.7 mL, m = 85.22 g

Chapter Review – Learning Objectives

  • Write the SI prefixes, symbols, exponent: mega, kilo, milli, micro, nano
  • Calculate the density given volume and mass information
  • Determine the proper measurement using a measuring device
  • Calculate the percent error of a measurement
  • Identify the size and source of uncertainty in a measurement
  • Perform calculations using the rules of significant figures
  • Write numbers using scientific notation and standard notation
  • Use dimensional analysis to convert between units
  • Treat units with respect

In-Class Activity

  • Sample problems – Ch. 1 (33 – 40, 71, 72)
  • Note – some have already been assigned
  • Note – answer key in Schoology resrouce folder for the course
  • Attempt some that you haven’t yet done already (pick and choose)


  • Study for the exam


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