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Chemistry Honors – Class 2

Graduated Cylinders


  • Periods A, C – Wednesday, January 8th
  • Period D – Thursday, January 9th

Class Business

  • Check LNB for new Table of Contents

New Business – Measurement and Uncertainty

  • Activity – Measuring volume
    • measure volume using three different types of glassware
    • comparing the numbers
    • estimating uncertainty (examples)
  • Math with SF
    • counting SF
    • adding numbers with SF
    • multiplying numbers with SF


  • Ch. 2 (47, 48, 52)


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My first time at Jack London Square #oaktown I promise to never complain about my commute #bikelove @castilleja_school #chemistry @castilleja_school 
Thanks Ira Remsen! Gators vs Gators
So many awesome students in one place... tough to describe how proud I am to know them 
#shp @castilleja_school Proud to be a Californian
 #bear ☕️ = ❤️


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