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AP Chemistry: Class 7


Period E – Tuesday, September 10th

Test Objectives

  • write balanced chemical reactions given proper description
  • determine the molar mass of a chemical formula
  • determine the mass and particles of a substances given the moles
  • use mole relationships to connect the mass, particles and moles of a substances
  • determine the mass percent of a compound
  • determine the empirical formula of a substance given the mass percent
  • determine the yield of a substance in a chemical reaction
  • identify the limiting reactant in a chemical reaction
  • determine the amount of excess reactant in a chemical reaction

Test Format

  • there will be 5 problems
  • all are short-answer “work-em-out” type
  • you will be allowed to use the standard AP periodic table
  • test will include a few naming-memorization items (from the past)
  • sig fig rules are in place (relax – it will be OK)


  • Study for Exam
  • Chapter HW collected tomorrow


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