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AP Chemistry – Class 60

I/M Forces


  • Periods E/F  – Monday, January 28th

Big Idea: How does the shape of a molecule impact it’s physical properties?

Molecule Polarity

  • How do we determine?
  • Examples of polar molecules
  • Degrees of polarity

Intermolecular Forces

  • Permanent (Dipole, Hydrogen Bonding)
  • Temporary (Dispersion)


  • “stickiness” between molecules
  • What properties would this impact?

Homework & Looking Ahead

  • Video review of this topic (notes due next class)
  • This unit: Chapter 11 (sections 1, 2, 3, 8, 9 only) notes due Monday
  • Lab on Thursday (heat of vaporization of water) = full typed lab write up


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