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AP Chemistry – Class 39


  • Periods E/F – Monday, November 19th

BIG QUESTION: where are electrons in an atom?


  • Draw your vision of oxygen atom on board
  • what qualities does it have? how are they shown?
  • Handout: campus map
  • where are you in a typical week?
  • 10 minutes per dot / think in season
  • draw a smooth line around where dots are located
  • could you be found outside of this?
  • what does this “look like”?


  • iPad app = Atom in a Box
  • shows likely location
  • Connections between atomic orbital and student orbital


  • Ch. 7 Notes (due after Thanksgiving Break)
  • Quantum Theory Videos Notes (Cross-reference Page)
  • Reminder – all notes typed and placed in Dropbox as PDF
  • Reminder – notes on big ideas and terms, not every formula


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