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Homer Building Tour – Greenbuild 2012

Michael J. Homer Science and Student Life Center

Homer Center

Saturday, November 16, 2012

Format of the Tour

  • Student guides arrive @ 1:45 pm (front of Homer Building)
  • Encouraged to wear SHP clothing
  • Tour participants arrive about 2:00 pm
  • Group broken into three groups – one adult and two students per group
  • Tour Leaders: Bill Leddy (LMS), Ted van der Linden (DPR), Colin Quinton (SHP)
  • Tour ends about 3:00 pm in Harman Assembly Hall
  • Q&A with Tour leaders and students
  • Finish by about 3:30 pm
  • Students will share candidly and informally throughout the tour

Student Reflection Points

  • What does it mean to you to attend a school that built this as “Green”?
  • What do you notice about the building that “speaks” to you, inspires you?
  • What was it like to attend classes here, as compared to other buildings?
  • Does this building make you think differently about classrooms can be?
  • The school promotes “building as teacher.” What do you think about this?

Building Highlights (to think about)

  • Ceiling fans / windows enhance the natural ventilation system
  • Radiant (floor) heating throughout the building (low electricity)
  • Recycled cotton/denim used for insulation (interior walls)
  • Low-water usage bathrooms
  • 73 skylights throughout the building – Natural Lighting
  • Fast-growth wood used for construction
  • Solar panels located above assembly hall – reduce electricity load
  • Bioswale can support wildlife, vegetation – slows drainage – natural filtration
  • Water efficient landscaping – reduce outdoor water usage by 50%.
  • Each classroom has a window indicator – maximize heat and air flow.
  • South-facing classrooms built-in light shelves to block / move direct sunlight
  • Organic gardens adjacent to the building – built into the curriculum
  • APES students grow “test plots” adjacent to the building
  • APES course started to coincide with the opening of the building

Tour Cycle Rotations (all tours end @ Auditorium)

  • Tour A: Outside, 2nd Floor, 1st Floor
  • Tour B: 1st Floor, Outside, 2nd Floor
  • Tour C: 2nd Floor, 1st Floor, Outside

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