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AP Chemistry – Exam Thoughts – Class 38

No SkippingQuestion 1 – Calorimetry

  • What is the experimental basis for calorimetry?
  • How do I determine the change in enthalpy of a process?
  • What are the key concepts associated with calorimetry?
  • How do I calculate the ΔH of a process using a calorimeter?

Question 2 – Hess’s Law

  • How does Hess’s Law help me determine the heat of a reaction?
  • What is a formation reaction?
  • How do I use heats of formation to determine the heat of a reaction?
  • What is the relationship between heats of formation and Hess’s Law?

Question 3 – First Law of Thermodynamics

  • What information does a P-V graph provide?
  • What units does the graph use? How do they relate to energy?
  • How do I determine the work of a process using this graph?
  • What are the types of thermodynamic processes where one quantity is held constant?

Best of luck to everyone… I will see you Friday morning!


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