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AP Chemistry – Class 36


  • Periods E/F – Tuesday, November 13th

Class Business

  • Dropbox folder organization
  • naming – no need to use the word “chemistry”
  • naming – don’t add your name unless shared file
  • PDF files (no Word doc or docx)

Big Idea – Heats of Formation

  • ΔH exists for all Reactions
  • Formation reaction – form one mole from elements
  • ΔH is the ΔH Formation
  • Textbook – Appendix 3

Big Idea – Adding Reactions Means Using ΔH formation to find ΔH

  • Reactions can be added so ΔH for reactions can be added
  • Use tables – don’t need to conduct reactions


  • Finish Thermo Worksheets (4-6 in Docs Folder)
  • Students will review on Wednesday
  • Exam on Friday


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