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AP Chemistry Class 05

CrystalLab 01 – Formula of a Hydrate

Date: Thursday, September 6th

Lab Instructions (as well as all course documents) can be found in the documents folder online

Lab Skills to Remember

  • bunsen burner use
  • equipment set-up and names
  • crucible tongs usage
  • finding mass

Laboratory Process

  • how to prep for lab?
  • how to use lab notebook (LNB)
  • safety, safety, safety

Chemistry Principles

  • molar mass
  • percent error?
  • significant figures


  • Lab Prep due before lab
  • Lab write-up due next class after lab
  • Lab Notebook Prep due before lab starts (see handout)

Lab Homework (Due next class)

  • complete lab in your LNB
  • Calculations, Analysis, Conclusion (in LNB)
  • See lab reporting sheet for more guidance


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