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AP Chemistry Summer Assignment 2012

Welcome to AP Chemistry!

While it might seem rude that our first interaction consist of my piling work on your plate, it is absolutely necessary to start the year as close to full speed as possible. There is some memorization (actually, quite a bit of memorization) that is needed but rest assured that it is absolutely necessary to move along. I am not a fan of memorization unless it helps students understand the content, and this is certainly the case in chemistry. I would highly suggest using flash cards (iPhone app?) to help you with these.

The memorization falls into three categories:

Oxidation states and ionic charges

  • Reading [LINK] [LINK]
  • Download (see document site)

Strong acids and bases

  • Reading [LINK] [LINK]
  • Download (see document site)

Solubility Rules for ionic substances

  • Reading [LINK]
  • Download (see document site)

When school starts I will administer a short exam covering this material. Don’t worry, my goal is to help you transition to the start of school and be successful once the semester starts. The beginning of the school year is always a hectic time for everyone so by spreading this out (over the summer) it will make it easier to grasp the first-semester concepts. I will be available during the summer using my school email so please send me a note if there is a problem, question or you need clarification.

Summary of Assignment

  • Read the posted background material to understand the basics of the concepts
  • Please memorize everything on the three posted sheets
  • You do not need to memorize the acid numbers but know what the acid numbers mean
  • The test will be on these three sheets only

I am looking forward to the fall already!



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