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Chemistry Haiku Submissions


You are number one
Like almighty hydrogen
Have some chocolate

Your smile is awesome
I’ll miss you this Christmas break
Class with you is great

I’m in column one
Just one electron to spare
With Chloride, I’m salt

DK, not an ape
But robotics king instead
Thinks I won’t get hurt

Always room for more
Takes in any electron
A good friend to all

Sweet flowing blonde hair
He’s a JV soccer stud
Also known as Juan

We need this to live
Diatomic molecule
Molar mass sixteen

So energetic
In chem class, one might call you

Unlike Lithium
In running, you rarely lose
(single electrons)

Light on your two feet
Nonetheless, still quite solid
Just like Lithium

One might call you smart
bit of an understatement
King of plus one’s

Steven you are the
greatest there has ever been
Be good and don’t sin

All the things you do
you play soccer and learn chem
Make sure you get REM

Times can get real rough
So if you get injuries
You should Heal-y ’em

You are really great
But don’t be cocky,noble
Just be Glassmoyer

among mounds of coal
a true diamond in the rough
shines above the rest

to uncover truth
scribes try to capture his thoughts
not enough graphite

man behind the mask
please take me to your leader
mysterious dan

Silicon Valley
The namesake of metalloid
Lustrous silicon

Michael Mohrman leads
Excellent meditations
In Prayer and Med

To Ashley Carlson,
The only-female-senior,
Courageous and sweet,

Always positive,
Like Beryllium’s two-plus,
Oxidation state.

Nothing more noble
Than neon gas except the
Prez of the Soph’mores

Carter is his name;
He has multiple friends, not
Inert like neon

The Sturzenegger
Swimming faster than a Fish
The Terminator

but, where does she swim?
In carbon? no… in chlorine
Just try and catch her

It’s not possible
She’s Selby Sturzenegger
Some Say She can fly

She’s sweet and smart
deserving of a +1
and a thousand stars

Chlorine loves Sodium
but not as much as Selby
the Sturzenegger

Her catch frase once she
disappears, diving
in, Is: I’ll be Back

Yellow and stinky,
Skunks are attracted to it.
Sulfur looks like puke.

Still when it’s burning,
it shines a radiant light,
for all to enjoy.

you work really hard.
your smile is bigger still.
you brighten our lives.

I’ll miss you running,
but know you will still have fun.
Do well at Crystal.

Have fun this Christmas,
during the season of cheer,
and happy new year.

Boron in borax
Often found in detergent
Helpful in the house

Boron by itself
Is hard to find or produce
Often has carbon

Collin Chau, know that:
A guy similar to you is rare
Just like pure Boron

You are friend to me
And you are as cool as a

This haiku is done
Hope you enjoy rice krispie treats
Happy Holidays

You sir, are noble
A beautiful purple light
You bond with no one

You’re cooler than Hoth
You sit next to me in name
I give thee candy

Many moles of goods
Should make your day much better
Enjoy young Willy

To Peter Lockwood
The Best-est Vice President
Class of 2012

12 Magnesium
An Alkaline Earth Metal
[Ne] 3s2

Looking forward to
Second semester with you
Have fun at college

Helium, greatly
Abundant throughout nature
Second lightest too

In AP Chem class
We learned these and many more
Valuable lessons

Have a great Christmas
In sleepy Saratoga
Alex Bourdillon

Mckenzie is great
And shares characteristics
With Aluminum

Aluminum is
Eager to socialize with
Other elements

McKenzie likes to
Enlighten our days with her
Charm and compassion

Aluminum also
Has an oxidation state
Of positive three

McKenzie too has
A very optimistic

However, they too
Have many differences
In their behavior

It’s not difficult
To remove an electron
From Aluminum

But trying to get
Someone away from you
Is impossible

It would take more than
Seven thousand Joules to get
Someone to leave you

Aluminum also
Is abundant, where as you
Are one of a kind

Everybody knows
That you are far better than
Old Aluminum

You are so very
Smart, helpful and most of all
Pleasant to be with

I hope this Christmas
You have THE Great Holiday
You truly deserve

He walks to the line
Sun glim’ring off the race flats

Flag down, gun off, GO!
It is time to run your race.
Thunder down the hill.

Though it’s hard to breathe,
You stay calm, cool, and relaxed.
Soon the line’s in sight.

The whole team is there
Into speed mode, sprint to end
Wow! You are now done.

To a true captain—
A leader, peer, and a friend.
Thanks for the fun times!

Now in AP Chem,
We come in and find ourselves.
Potassium’s up.

It’s number nineteen
And reacts well with water,
But outdoors not found.

It’s in the S block
Though it’s incompletely filled
Lilac under flame.

Found by Hennig Brand
Phosphorous, on the table,
Is number fifteen.

Found in explosives,
It helps kill those pesky pests,
And fertilize plants.

And a special treat,
Point three nine seven moles of
Tooth rotting sucrose.

And some gummy bears.
With corn syrup and sugar,
Point one five nine moles.

Sporting a fly cap,
Dominates on tennis courts,
Is Nick Pizutti.


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