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AP Chemistry – Lab 06 – Gas Laws

Friday, October 21 – Lab Notes

The lab explores two gas laws: Boyle’s Law and Gay-Lussac’s Law. The data collection devices will be used to collect pressure and temperature information which will then be used to verify each of the laws. In addition, the second experiment will be used to estimate absolute zero. [LAB INSTRUCTIONS]

The first lab is quite straightforward

  • be sure and start with the volume in the tube at its largest for the lab. Each trial should be smaller.
  • Be sure and get to the smallest volume possible as this is where you will see the greatest pressure differences
The second lab has a few more intricacies
  • you should examine the widest possible temperature range you can during the lab – this maximizes the possibilities for obtaining a meaningful data
  • you should start with the hottest temperature and get colder – this will prevent the stopper from popping out of the erlenmeyer flask
  • at no time should the stopper break the seal, as this will invalidate all of your data moving ahead
Analyzing the data
  • for the first lab plot two graphs: P vs. V and P vs. 1/V (put the line of best fit on each)
  • for the second lab, plot a graph of P vs. T (add the line of best fit)
  • did the results verify Boyle’s Law?
  • what did you determine to be absolute zero?


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