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Physics Honors – Lab 06 – Newton’s Second Law


  • The purpose of this lab is to verify Newton’s Second Law
  • using the motion track and the GLX motion sensor measure the acceleration of the cart for each trial
  • for each trial, vary the mass of the hanging object or the mass of the cart
  • generate enough data to be able to examine the relationship between the masses and the acceleration
  • be sure and note the number of the GLX used and save the data obtained
Masses in the lab
  • cart = 500 g
  • long weight = 500 g
  • short weight = 250 g
Notes & Processing & Hints
  • using Newton’s Laws, derive the relationship between the masses and the acceleration
  • plot the appropriate graph from the data obtained
  • from the plotted graph, and the slope of the line, draw a conclusion about the lab’s purpose
  • analyze the situation by applying Newton’s 2nd Law to the lab scenario
  • read the lab instruction for hints about the theoretical relationship


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