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Physics Textbook

The textbook that will be used this year in physics honors is comprised of a combination of online resources. The primary one is a wonderful site called “Physics Classroom” created by a high-school physics teacher. The site is chock full of physics goodness that includes tutorials, sample problems, problem sets and other extras. This site is what standard textbooks strive to become but are trapped by the demands of a for-profit business. The sections are easy to navigate.

  • Content Explanation [LINK]
  • Problem Sets [LINK]
  • Conceptual Questions [LINK]
  • Visual Demonstrations [LINK]
  • Multimedia Studio [LINK]
  • Review Questions [LINK]
  • Extra Help [LINK]
  • Picture Galleries [LINK]
The course pacing and content will closely match this online material, with other supplements being brought in as needed. Certainly I will show how to solve problems in class, sometimes in a very different manner, but the truth is that physics is physics, all around the globe and throughout the universe. How do we access these truths? How do we explore and understand these fundamental ideas that serve as the foundation for understanding soo many ideas? These are my broad goals for the course, and these online resources are


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