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Physics Honors – Lab 05 – Two Dimensional Motion


  • The purpose of this lab is to determine the acceleration due to gravity using two-dimensional motion concepts
  • Students are given a GLX data device and a photogate timer
  • NOTE: students will need to be coached on the settings of using the photogate timer with the GLX
  • A ball is rolled horizontally off of lab table.
  • Its initial velocity and horizontal displacement are recorded, along with the height of the table
  • Multiple trials are conducted, gathering “x” vs. “v” data
Notes & Processing
  • The first step is to solve the two-dimensional motion problem for “a” in terms of the knowns, “v” “x” and “h”
  • once this is obtained, this answer can be re-arranged to fit the form of the “y = mx + b” for a straight line.
  • This form will show the expression that can be used to relate the data to the theoretical
  • The scatter plot will generate a best-fit line, whose slope can be then matched to the theoretical


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