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Physics Honors – Week 1


  • Introduction
  • Syllabus
  • Overview of course process
  • Bring laptop to class Tuesday

  1. Class Business
    • Document Sharing in Google Docs
    • Tumblr Blog – Create New Blog
  2. First Lab
    • Position Matching & the GLX
    • Theory
    • physics interprets physical realities
    • moving from what we can see to graphical interpretation is key
    • generating a motion graph is first example
  3. Homework
    • make sure you have tried Tumblr
    • bring laptop / iPad if possible

  • Discussion of lab results
  • Posting on Tumblr
  • Fill out Student Survey

  1. Class Business
    • Due: Tumblr Blog with lab information
    • NOTE: your first name and last name initial must be a part of your blog
    • Discuss lab posting process
    • Discuss lab results
  2. New Material
    • distance vs displacement
    • speed vs velocity
    • examples
  3. Homework
    • No Homework! (Three-day weekend)
    • Be sure and finish blog postings (including Q6 from lab)


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