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Physics Honors – Final Exam

The final exam in Physics Honors is Tuesday, May 31st at 9:00 am. The exam will be structured as follows:

  • The exam will cover only material from the second semester. While there will be some overlap with the core first-semester topics (energy conservation, motion, Newton’s Laws), they will not be the focus of the questions.
  • The chapters in the textbook (Serway & Vuille: College Physics) that match this material are:
  • 9.6 (Buoyancy)
  • 13.1 – 13.10 (except 13.6, 13.9, 13.10)
  • 14.1 – 14.12 (except 14.5)
  • 15.1 – 15.6
  • 16.1, 16.4
  • 17.1 – 17.6 (except 17.2, 17.5)
  • 18.1 – 18.4
  • There will be no multiple-choice questions on the exam. The exam will have FIVE “work-em-out” questions drawn from second-semester topics: waves, sound, periodic motion, electrostatics, electric energy, circuit analysis, buoyancy.
  • There will be no graphing calculators allowed during this exam. Students must bring a scientific calculator for all calculations.
  • There will be a formula sheet provided for the exam, the same as that used throughout the year. No student-generated note sheets of any type will be allowed during this test.
  • We will review in class for the three days prior to the exam (W-R-F) so please bring your questions and materials with you to class.
In order to support your efforts, here are some review materials to help you study for the exam.
  • Khan Academy – this site has countless videos that explain the full breadth of physics topics. I would suggest taking a look here as a start for those topics that you feel “lost” and unable to know where to start.
  • Dropbox:  I have made quite a few documents available for you to use in your preparation for the exam and to access them you will have to send me an email asking for permission to use a shared folder on a cloud drive. So, if you send me an email I will send you an invitation – it’s that simple. NOTE: When you receive the invitation you will be asked if you wish to sign up (you will need to do so) and then you will be asked if you wish to install something (you do not need to do so). Just create a free account and access all of the files on the web from any computer or handheld device.
  • Textbook: How old-fashioned that I suggest using the textbook! Yet there are a great many materials you can use there. First, isolate the sections of the text we have covered. Then, go to the back of the chapter and try to work problems associated with the assigned sections. The answers are posted in the “Dropbox” as well as online at the school’s SharePoint site.
  • Office Hours: Drop on by and we could chat about your favorite subject. It can’t hurt, can it?


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