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Welcome to Quinton Chemistry @ Castilleja School.

Class Resources

  • Daily Lesson Plans [Honors] [CP]
  • Course Documents [Honors] [CP]
  • Lab Notebooks & Lab Grading [LINK]
  • Second Chance Points [LINK]
  • Course Documents [Honors] [CP]
  • Daily class notes [LINK]
  • Teaching Videos [LINK]
  • Lab Equipment [LINK]

Chemistry Resources

  • Periodic Tables [LINK] [LINK]
  • Atomic Orbital Visualization [LINK]
  • Oxidation State Calculator [LINK]
  • Balancing Chemical Reactions [LINK]
  • Molar Mass / Mass Percent Calculator [LINK]
  • Molarity / Mass Calculator [LINK]
  • Lewis Structure Generator [LINK]
  • Virtua Lab [LINK]
  • Various Solution Concentration Calculators [LINK]
  • pH Calculator [LINK] [LINK] [LINK]
  • Lewis Structure Generator [LINK]

Other Writing

  • Haiku of the Elements [LINK]
  • Chemicals with Unusual Names [LINK]
  • Science is a process [LINK]
  • My Pandora streaming music [LINK]
  • Silicon Valley Discontent [LINK]
  • Raising smart kids [LINK]
  • Palo Alto sorrow [LINK]